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Building Leadership

A variety of coaching, mentoring, teambuilding and leadership development services are available:

Developing capacity in district leaders

Offerings include job-alike sessions, networks, or special workshops or forums on timely leadership topics, budget building processes, categorical programs, and human resource issues.

Coaching for principals

Coaching is available to help principals prepare for and conduct instructional “walkthroughs” that focus on specific instructional strategies, pacing, fidelity of program implementation, or specific schoolwide improvement efforts.

Site leader responsibilities

Workshops on data based decisionmaking, building a school budget aligned with its goals, facilitating an effective site leadership team meeting, and helping site administrators and school personnel increase their collective productivity are examples of offerings.

Professional learning communities

Support is available for schools and districts to build capacity for professional learning communities so that teachers have structured time to work together, analyze interim assessments, plan instruction and observe each other’s classrooms.

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