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Supporting Curriculum, Instruction and Improvement

Collectively, county offices of education in Region 3 provide a broad range of support services that address student achievement. These activities include brief “overview” workshops, multi-day in-depth seminars and customized ongoing coaching and consultative support. Areas of assistance include:

Designing effective improvement strategies

  • Developing state and federal plans
  • Planning for continuous improvement
  • Using assessment data to inform instruction
  • Designing effective Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) programs
  • Providing English learner professional development
  • Implementing programs and effective services for English learners

Professional development around instructional materials

  • Adoption toolkits and facilitating the adoption of instructional materials
  • Materials-based professional development
  • Implementation of the California common core state standards
  • Content area networks
  • Curriculum specific content modules
  • Use of technology to enhance instruction

Strengthening the instructional program

  • Delivering effective instruction
  • Conducting effective teacher collaboration meetings
  • Enhancing the skills of instructional coaches

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