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Resource Title The Hexagon Tool

The Active Implementation Hub website includes the Hexagon Tool which is designed to help states, districts, and schools appropriately select evidence-based instructional, behavioral, and social- emotional innovations and prevention approaches. The Hexagon tool is based on six broad factors in relation to the program or practice under consideration:

  1. Needs of students; how well the program or practice might meet identified needs.
  2. Fit with current initiatives, priorities, structures and supports, and parent/community values.
  3. Resource Availability for training, staffing, technology supports, curricula, data systems and administration.
  4. Evidence indicating the outcomes that might be expected if the program or practices are implemented well.
  5. Readiness for Replication of the program, including expert assistance available, number of replications accomplished, exemplars available for observation, and how well the program is operationalized
  6. Capacity to Implement as intended and to sustain and improve implementation over time.

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