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The Academic Program Survey (APS) is designed to help schools analyze the extent to which they are providing a coherent instructional program to support improved student achievement. It is based on the nine Essential Program Components (EPCs) that support academic achievement in reading/English-language arts and mathematics. The APS is intended to stimulate conversations about school improvement and identify areas where schools need to direct resources. The APS is available by grade span with criteria, clarifications, and citations associated with each objective of the EPCs; rating descriptions provide further clarification of the rating levels a school will use in assessing its instructional program. The 2009 edition of the APS provides special focus on meeting the needs of English Learners, students with disabilities and other underperforming students. It also includes the most recent adoptions in English Language Arts and Mathematics and acknowledges the flexibilities provided by the 2009 state budget. The EPCs, which serve as the basis for the APS, are designed to meet the needs of all students through materials adopted by the State Board of Education (SBE) and standards-aligned instructional materials including interventions, appropriate instructional time and pacing schedules, professional development for teachers and administrators, assignment of fully credentialed highly qualified teachers, use of data obtained from a student achievement monitoring system, instructional support, teacher collaboration, and fiscal support.

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