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Resource Title Gaining Traction, Gaining Ground

This study, conducted by the Education Trust, describes four high schools that made greater-than-expected academic gains with previously underperforming students. The findings are summarized in the following categories:

  • Culture (Focus on preparing students for college, careers and academics instead of rules; teachers and administrators share views of achievement goals; teachers embrace standards and assessments)
  • Academic core (Higher expectations for all students; principals, teachers, and counselors take responsibility for helping students succeed; remove barriers to high-level courses; use assessment data for planning)
  • Support (Provide help with English in Math while keeping on track with college preparation; administrators and teachers take responsibility for ensuring struggling students get help; early warning systems to identify students who need help; counselors are members of the academic teams, monitor student performance, and arrange for help; partnerships support post-secondary preparation)
  • Teachers (Teaching assignments based on students’ needs, student performance, and teacher’s area of study; support for new teachers focused on instruction and curriculum; smaller class sizes for struggling students; principals have more control over who joins their staff)
  • Time and other resources (More deliberate about the use of instructional time; more instruction for students reading below grade level; more time in grade-level or college-prep courses)

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