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Resource Title The Turnaround Challenge

This document includes a section on strategies implemented in schools successfully serving high poverty populations, and recommends that turnaround efforts include these strategies. They are described in the High-Performing, High-Poverty (HPHP) Readiness Model, which is described and depicted on pages 30-37. It is organized in three areas:

  • Readiness to learn (safety, discipline, and engagement; action against adversity; close student-adult relationships)
  • Readiness to teach (shared responsibility for achievement; personalization of instruction; professional teaching culture)
  • Readiness to act (resource authority; resource ingenuity; agility in the face of turbulence)

Attributes that enabled HPHP schools to succeed were: clearly defined authority to act based on what’s best for students and learning; relentless focus on hiring and staff development as part of an overall “people strategy”; highly capable, distributed school leadership (team); additional instructional time; performance-based behavioral expectations for all stakeholders, including parents; and integrated, research-based programs and related social services to address students’ academic and related psycho-social needs. The document also describes other factors important for school turnaround, particularly at the state level.

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