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Resource Title Leading for Learning

This document is intended to help district and site administrators enable powerful, equitable learning for all students. The ideas and tools identified are based on research literature, examples of leadership in action, and a case study. Essential tasks for implementation are described and delineated for the site and district levels. The document includes reflective tools that can guide self-assessment, planning, or professional development. Five areas of action are identified and applied to the case study:

  • Establish a focus on learning: persistently and publicly focus attention on learning and teaching.
  • Build professional communities that value learning: nurture work cultures that value and support learning.
  • Engage external environments that matter for learning: build relationships and secure resources from outside groups that can foster students’ or teachers’ learning.
  • Act strategically and share leadership: mobilize efforts along multiple “pathways” that lead to student, professional, or system learning; distribute leadership across levels and among individuals in different positions.
  • Create coherence: connect student, professional, and system learning with one another and with learning goals.

A companion Sourcebook provides additional examples and case studies, more detailed information, and descriptions of reflective tools currently in use.

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Best Practices
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