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Resource Title School Turnarounds, Actions and Results

This report provides descriptive, real-world vignettes that illustrate actions that successful school leaders have taken to turn around low-performing schools. It identifies and explains the leader actions associated with a successful turnaround:

  • Initial analysis and problem solving (collect and analyze data; make action plan based on data)
  • Driving for results (concentrate on big, fast payoffs in year one; implement practices even if they require deviation from norms or rules; require all staff to change; make necessary staff replacements; focus on successful tactics and halt others; do not tout progress as the ultimate success)
  • Influencing inside and outside the organization (communicate a positive vision; help staff personally feel problems; gain support of key influencers; and silence critics with speedy success)
  • Measuring, reporting, and improving (measure and report progress frequently; and require all decision makers to share data and problem solve)

This document provides descriptive vignettes, based on actual case studies, to illustrate each of the 14 leader actions.

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Data Systems and Achievement Monitoring
Culture and Professional Relationships
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Best Practices
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