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Resource Title The Three Essentials for Improving Schools

The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) conducted a study to determine resulting in a report regarding the three essentials of school improvement. This study examined the role of the district office in providing principals with the working conditions they need to improve teacher effectiveness and student performance in the middle grades and high school.

The report includes recommendations for seven strategies that districts can implement to support principals to implement school improvement:

  • Strategy 1. Establish a clear focus and a strategic framework of core beliefs, effective practices and goals for improving student achievement.
  • Strategy 2. Organize and engage the school board and district office in support of each school.
  • Strategy 3. Provide instructional coherence and support.
  • Strategy 4: Invest heavily in instruction-related professional learning for principals, teacher-leaders and district staff.
  • Strategy 5: Provide high-quality data that link student achievement to school and classroom practices, and assist schools to use data effectively.
  • Strategy 6: Optimize the use of resources to improve student learning.
  • Strategy 7: Use open, credible processes to involve key school and community leaders in shaping a vision for improving schools.

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