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Resource Title Principal Coaching as a Districtwide Initiative

Wendy Harris, Director, Sacramento County Office of Education, provides the introduction to this comprehensive presentation focused on the efficacy of a districtwide principal coaching model. John Brewer, a retired administrator from North Sacramento School District, outlines a powerful approach for building leadership capacity throughout a district by utilizing principal coaches. While new principals receive a variety of professional learning opportunities throughout the credentialing process, they all concur that the most impactful learning occurs on the job. Principal coaching, therefore, can be a vehicle to ensure that new (and veteran) leaders have an opportunity to refine skills through a one-to-one coaching relationship that is individualized, synergistic, and interactive. This presentation outlines a blended coaching model that is predicated on active listening, questioning strategies, and action goals. A variety of examples and anecdotes from recent coaching experiences are also shared.

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