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Professional Development

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Quick Starts icon Quick Starts frame the critical issues in each of the eight resource areas. Each Quick Start provides talking points and strategies to consider in providing support services in that area. Information is presented as brief narrated slide shows. The text is available as a Word document and may be used to create presentations or to facilitate conversations at the district or site level.
Research Findings icon Resources in the Research Findings section include articles, Web sites, summaries of research studies, and descriptions of evidence-based research and practices. A wide range of research is represented—from small scale studies to extensive meta-analyses of scientific research. Some resources include extensive bibliographies.
Best Practices icon Resources in the Best Practices section contain recommendations and describe successful strategies, models, and activities that have been implemented at the local level. Resources include real world case studies, many from California districts or schools.
How to Do It icon Resources in the How to Do It section provide action plans, planning guides, templates, sample documents, inquiry questions, practical recommendations, and other tools to help districts develop and implement improvement plans. Resources also include Web sites for finding specific school and district data, case studies, video clips and slide shows.