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Building Blocks of Integrated Academic Support

This toolkit provides a variety of practical materials to assist external teams in providing technical assistance and conducting needs assessments of districts. The materials are intended to support improving district organizational …

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The EdData website  provides data specific to California counties, districts, and schools. Information on the following topics is available:

  • Student demographic and …
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Interview Questions for Data Systems and Achievement Monitoring

This needs assessment tool was created by the Los Angeles County Office of Education for use by a district assistance and intervention team (DAIT), but can be used by any local educational agency or any external team helping with a …

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Advancing Equity through ESSA

This document, developed by the CCSSO, offers a framework to help states use ESSA to close opportunity and achievement gaps. Although the intended audience is state leaders, school districts may find helpful advice for ESSA planning …

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Education Resource Strategies (ERS) - Tools for California Districts

The Education Resource Strategies (ERS) website hosts a variety of resources that may be helpful to district and school planning teams. This link features California-specific tools to use for budgeting and determining use of …

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Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team (FCMAT)

This website provides access to a wide range of resources, workshops, software tools, and services related to fiscal, business and management services to help local educational agencies comply with fiscal accountability standards …

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Inventory of Services and Support (ISS) for Students with Disabilities

Formerly called the Least Restrictive Environment Survey, this self-assessment tool helps districts examine their policies, procedures, and practices in supporting educational options for students with disabilities. It supports …

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Mass Insight Education: The School Turnaround Group: District Self-Assessment Tool

The District Self-Assessment Tool is designed for use with planning  school turnaround efforts. Use of this assessment will support districts, unions and Lead Partners when analyzing their existing collective bargaining …

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Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)

The template includes forms and charts for collection and analysis of student performance data, setting priorities for program improvements, rigorous use of effective solution strategies, and ongoing monitoring of results.

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Successful Staffing for Successful Schools: Breaking the Cycle of Failure in Charlotte-Mecklenburg

This 2010 report tells the leadership story of how the new superintendent in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) in North Carolina embarked on a new effort, called Strategic Staffing, to implement a district-wide effort to turn …

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Sustainability: Essential Coaching Functions Worksheet

This brief document provides a template for planning alternatives that sustain the functions of a coach if that position is eliminated. It can also be adapted or used to plan for sustainability of other important functions. The …

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The Hexagon Tool

The Active Implementation Hub website includes the Hexagon Tool which is designed to help states, districts, and schools appropriately select evidence-based instructional, behavioral, and social- emotional innovations and prevention …

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