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Resource Title Family Involvement Publications and Resources

This Web site of the Harvard Family Research Project provides access to a wide range of resources to support parent and community involvement. Resources include overviews of research and evaluations; data collection instruments and surveys; research-based materials; recommendations for policies and practices; implementation tools; case studies; newsletters; information from workshops and conferences, including slides; course syllabuses; and tip sheets for principals, teachers, and parents. A searchable database allows users to search for resources according to the following categories:

  • Working with teachers and families (Models and approaches, parent-teacher communication, teacher preparation and professional development, cultural diversity)
  • Development periods (Early childhood education, elementary school, middle and high school, and transition periods)
  • Complementary learning connections (Family involvement policy, evaluation and research on family involvement, and out of school time)

The Web site provides access to resources to support professional development related to family involvement. The Web site also provides materials and case studies related to complementary (or expanded) learning, addressing the importance of partnerships with after school programs, community based organizations, nonprofit agencies, businesses, county agencies, health organizations, and civic and community leaders.

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