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Resource Title Diversity: School, Family and Community Connections

This research synthesis looks at the roles families can and do play in efforts to improve academic achievement. The report explores barriers to involvement for minority and low-income families and strategies to address those barriers. Based on the research findings, the following recommendations are made:

  • Adopt formal policies that promote family involvement; engage families reflecting students’ diversity
  • Demonstrate the principal’s active and ongoing support
  • Honor families’ hopes and concerns for their children
  • Acknowledge commonalities and differences among students and families
  • Strengthen school staff capacity to work well with families
  • Provide supports to help immigrant families understand how schools work and expectations for families and students
  • Make outreach a priority; make it possible for families to get involved at school and at home
  • Recognize that it takes time to build trust
  • Provide families with training and resources to support early literacy
  • Help families use communication and monitoring strategies to support their children’s learning
  • Encourage and support student involvement in a range of school- and community-sponsored extracurricular and after-school activities
  • Help low-income families obtain the support and services they need to keep themselves safe, healthy, and well fed

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