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Resource Title Teacher Quality Toolkit, Second Edition, by McREL

This document provides self-assessment tools and resources for designing, implementing, and evaluating effective professional development programs and practices. The document is intended for K-12 professionals as well as institutions of higher education (IHEs). Chapter 3 (page 21) describes effective professional development programs for districts and schools; other chapters address preservice education and ways that IHEs and K-12 systems can work together. Chapter 3 addresses:

  • High-quality professional development
  • The responsibilities of districts and schools
  • Characteristics of effective professional development
  • Conducting a professional development program audit
  • Professional learning communities
  • Resources for use in design of effective programs

The appendices provide the following checklists and assessments:

  • Teacher preparation for standards-based education survey
  • Teacher preparation evaluation system audit
  • Rubric and examples for evaluating the evidence of effectiveness of teacher preparation programs
  • Professional development program audit
  • Professional learning community checklist development
  • Partnership audit

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