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Data Systems and Achievement Monitoring

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Resource Title From Data Analysis to Improvement Efforts: Using the ELSSA

Using the English Learner Subgroup Self-Assessment (ELSSA): From Data Analysis to Improvement Efforts resource is organized into three parts. Each part is interconnected with the intent to support local education agencies to build a deeper understanding of English learner (EL) data analysis as it relates to EL programs and effective instruction. This resource has 17 tables that are derived from the ELSSA tool with fictitious data for analysis. The second part explores Common Issues connected to the data and Ideas to Explore to build a common understanding of effective practices for EL programs. Lastly, the tool contains research-based quotes outlining effective practices for English learners as an important aspect of the resource. As an added component the tool offers a Concept-Based Definition of Terms with the intent to build cohesion.

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Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Data Systems and Achievement Monitoring
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