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Resource Title The School-Family Connection

This document describes, reviews and compares current research on school-family connections and provides information to increase meaningful family involvement and develop structures and strategies. Studies explore a wide range of family involvement programs, challenges, needs, strategies, and contexts. The document addresses the value and importance of meeting the needs of the community resulting in increased support for student learning and involvement from outside the school. Findings are organized around the following areas:

  • Sense of welcome (A welcoming environment that fosters relationships and transcends context, culture, and language)
  • Misconceptions among stakeholders (Identifying misconceptions that teachers and families each hold about the motivation, practices, or beliefs of each other)
  • Use of and issues related to resources (Directing resources and programmatic efforts to help families adopt effective strategies to support student learning)
  • Home context and student performance (Understanding the effect of home context on student performance)
  • Program structures (Creating structures such as policy, leadership, procedures, processes, and aligned resources, which encourage family involvement)
  • Roles of those involved in school-family connections (Understanding the effect of beliefs, self-efficacy, knowledge, perceived abilities, and previous experience have on the roles that families create and act on through words and activities to support their children’s education)

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