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Resource Title Algebra Policy in California

This report by EdSource examines policies and practices related to Algebra instruction in California. Some of the topics discussed in this report include:

  • The status of Algebra instruction and its relationship to standards, assessment, and state and federal policies and requirements
  • The State Board of Education’s (SBE’s) decision (pending litigation) to include Algebra as the sole test of record for eighth grade math
  • Student participation and success in higher level math courses
  • The number of students who take the California Standards Test (CST) for Algebra in seventh or eighth grades
  • Results of the eighth grade Algebra I CST, including analysis by various demographic factors and trends
  • Comparison of California’s results on the eighth grade math portion of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), to those of other states and the nation
  • California’s expectations for mathematics achievement
  • SBE-adopted instructional materials for math
  • Teacher credentialing, qualifications, and professional development

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Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
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