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Resource Title Reading Next: A Vision for Action and Research in Middle and High School Literacy

This document describes fifteen recommendations in instruction and infrastructure to improve literacy for middle and high school students; the recommendations have a substantial base in research and/or professional opinion. The authors recommend implementing a combination of the recommendations: Instruction

  • Direct, explicit comprehension instruction (instruction in strategies and processes)
  • Effective instructional principles embedded in content (interdisciplinary and contextual instruction)
  • Motivation and self-directed learning (building motivation)
  • Text-based collaborative learning (students interacting with one another around a variety of texts)
  • Strategic tutoring (intense individualized instruction)
  • Diverse texts (a variety of difficulty levels and topics)
  • Intensive writing (including sentence combining, summarization, and writing strategies)
  • A technology component (a tool and a topic of literacy instruction)
  • Ongoing formative assessment of students (informal, often daily assessment)


  • Extended time for literacy (approximately two to four hours in language arts and content-area classes)
  • Professional development (long term and ongoing)
  • Ongoing summative assessment of students and programs (more formal and provides data for accountability and research)
  • Teacher teams (interdisciplinary teams that meet regularly)
  • Leadership (from principals and teachers who understand how to teach to the full array of students)
  • A comprehensive and coordinated literacy program (interdisciplinary, interdepartmental and coordinated external partners)

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