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Resource Title Turnaround Schools in California: Who Are They and What Strategies Do They Use?

This study specifies a set of criteria for identifying Ca. turnaround schools and summarizes strategies that a sample of principals from these schools reported as essential to improved outcomes at their schools. Student achievement data over a seven-year period (from 2003-04 to 2009-10) were used to identify 44 schools. From this pool, nine principals were selected for interviews. Based on the interviews, the key strategies reported by at least three of the nine principals as contributing to their schools’ turnaround include the following: 1) Instructional strategies focused on student subgroups; 2) An emphasis on teacher collaboration; 3) Strong instructional leadership; 4) Regular use of assessments and analysis of data; 5) Increased parent involvement; 6) Guidance and support provided by the district; 7) Use of student engagement strategies; 8) Use of extended learning time.

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